About Us

A blend of experiences. And a whole lot of experimentation.
It began in the kitchen, in search of a daily detox routine. From two glasses of lukewarm water in the morning to adding a cup of green tea. It was all inspired by a decision to make healthier lifestyle choices which soon turned into a passion. Drinking a herb-infused green tea one day, we never thought green teas could taste like this. It was very different from the bitter green tea we were having every morning and torturing ourselves with. Going back to the same tea felt impossible. We discovered with all such teas in the market, it was more of a luxurious once-in-a-while kind of an affair rather than a daily routine because of the lack of awareness about such a product and its high costs. So, we took things into our own hands.
We turned into mad scientists in the kitchen and started making our own blends. Adding herbs, which are potent and bring their own sets of benefits to the table added to the benefits of green tea while making it taste good. We added herbs to blends specific to the purpose we wanted to achieve: Detox, Body Toning, Refreshment. For us green teas shifted from a routine, motivated from a health point of view, to an indulgence and also as a healthier alternative to coffee and sugary drinks.
Organic Brews is about making better & healthier lifestyle choices to help you reach your health & wellness goals while making it taste good at the same time.
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